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How to Help Ollie The Do Good Dog:

  1. FIRST and MOST Importantly!!! Please Donate Directly to a No Kill Shelter of Your Choice. You can call them directly or you'll also see direct links on our Donate Page, or Google “No Kill Shelters Near Me”. This way, every penny goes directly to shelters

  2. Please Consider Adoption. IF it works for you! You'll change 2 lives!

  3. Please Consider Volunteering at a local Shelter!


Here are 4 other ways that you can help:

  1. We need sponsors and also volunteers to help us spread the word on Instagram & FaceBook. Please let us know if you can help! Just text us at 727-744-5606. (See Sponsor/Volunteer page).

  2. We also have a GoFundMe to cover trip expenses like gas and hotels and we appreciate it. Here's a link:

  3. As an author and professional speaker Michael donates 500 dollars of his speaking fees with his book and programs that help companies find and keep good people in industries like healthcare, restaurants and retail. Solve your hiring problems and do good for animals. Call 727-744-5606.

  4. People ask about Ollie Gear (See Ollie’s Store page). You can also pre order a pawtagraphed copy of Ollie's 32 page children's book called “Ollie’s River Adventure” where Ollie teaches kids 7 valuable life lessons he learned on his trip like Safety First, Setting Goals, Never Giving Up, Teamwork, Overcoming Obstacles, etc.

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