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Ollie's River Adventure Update

Ollie the Do Good Dog

OLLIE UPDATE: Ollie made it!!!! He started in Pittsburgh on 8/13 and Jet Skied 500 miles into Cincinnati right on time 8/18/23 to meet his new friends, the wonderful people of Orsanco, the Ohio River clean up group. They are Amazing!! It was a long bumpy ride. He did GREAT! His dad Michael though, is tired. It was a real workout dealing with the wind and the waves. Over 90,000 waves big enough that Michael had to stand almost the entire way. It was a real workout! It truly was an adventure! Ollie also achieved his goal of setting a world record for "Most First Pitches by a Dog". He carried a ball in from the mound at 4 pro ball parks in July. (Great videos on his Instagram). Thanks so so much to ALL the new friends we made along the way! Too many to mention, too great to forget!

Now Ollie has started writing his book "Ollie's River Adventure" teaching kids 7 important life lessons he learned along the way. Pre order pawtagraphed copies are available on this site at Ollie's Store page.

He's also busy planning his next great adventures for charity in 2024! They will include beach cleanup events in Florida in Spring of 2024 as well as in June 2024 him "finishing the trip" by Jet Skiing the Rest of the Ohio River, 500 miles from Cincinnati to the Mississippi, organizing river shore clean ups along the way with his friends at Orsanco. He'll have more info on this site soon! And as always Every Penny is donated Directly to the Charities.

Please Follow Ollie on FB at Ollie Nation and IG @olliethedogooddog (Lots of great videos of the trip) as he continues to Raise 5 Million Dollars for Shelters nationwide, Inspire 10,000 Adoptions & 10,000 People to Volunteer to "Put Down the Phone, Pick up a Pup and Help us Clean Up!" Especially Teens!

Ollie the Do Good Dog


I’m Ollie, The Do Good Dog.

Starting Sunday August 13, I am going on a trip to raise 5 million dollars for shelters nationwide. I live in Dunedin Florida and love to ride our Jet Ski with dad. We have cleaned up over a ton of trash from beaches and bays, while riding our Jet Ski. On “Ollie’s River Adventure.” we'll Jet Ski 500 miles down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, with all donations going directly to charities, by click or call. Mom will follow us in a van for when it’s time to eat and sleep.

Do Good Dog dad and Ollie on the Ski

My dad did this for charity 41 years ago. He threw in a first pitch at a Pirates game then Jet Skied 500 miles to Cincinnati and threw a first pitch at a Reds game 5 days later. It was a big success. I want to be just like my daddy. Please spread the word, and most importantly All donations go directly to shelters by click or call. Also, separately we do have a gofundme to help with trip expenses. Thanks and wish me luck!!

Ollie The Do Good Dog

Changing the world one lick at a time

Ps: When you see me, I must warn you I can’t control my licker! 😊

Ollie and Cami

Ollie’s trip has a Twist!

Ollie’s girlfriend will meet him in Cincinnati. They'll Facetime each night. He wants to surprise her and propose at the end of his trip! He found the perfect ring at a jewelry store a mile from where his trip starts 2 miles from Mt Oliver Pa. Ollie will carry the same ball on the Jet Ski that his dad did AND the ring. You might even call it a “baseball diamond”! So she thinks he’s raising money, but he's also surprising her. He’s so excited and hopes she says Yes!

The Goals of Ollie's River Adventure

1. Our FIRST Goal is to Raise 5 Million for Shelters & Rescues Nationwide. Every penny donated directly to the charities on their Donate pages.

-Funds to keep pets longer, in safe surroundings while finding them a new loving home.

-Pay for vaccinations, meds, check ups, spaying & neutering. Two cats not spayed or neutered can lead to over 2 Million cats in just 8 years!

-Help shelters spread the word that there are pets available.

-Support fostering programs and raise awareness about breed-specific shelters. Those wanting a specific breed can avoid puppy mills or irreputable breeder.

2. Our SECOND Goal is to Inspire 10,000 Adoptions. We hope to hear from you! Just email us a picture! 

3. Our THIRD Goal is to Inspire 10,000 people to volunteer at local shelters. Excess screen time causes stress, anxiety and depression, especially in teens. Caring for animals is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. We want to make that connection. As Ollie says "Put down the phone and pick up a pup! More Licks, Less Clicks" 

Want to help? Look in your heart. It’s the best place to start!

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