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Here are Clips of Ollie on TV:

Here's ABC News WFTS Channel 11 Tampa on 6/10/23:

Here's CBS News Channel 10 Tampa on 7/5/23:

Here's FOX News WTVT Channel 13 Tampa 7/6/23:

Here's The City of Dunedin 7/27/23
Here's Sarasota News Network SNN 7/31/23

Here's a few videos one in Huntington WV & one in Cincinnati, both on the site called

Here's CBS Live in Pittsburgh. At the 4:15 mark Ollie gets LOOSE and Goes ROGUE in the Studio. It's Hilarious!!!!

Here's an article in our local paper The Dunedin Beacon (Scroll down on their site to find Ollie.)

Here's a fun interview with WFLA NBC Tampa:

Here's News Center Portland Maine NBC

Here's WTRF in Wheeling WV:

We have more fun interviews to post soon! Thanks

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