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Ollie has had dozens of interviews. Here are a few clips of Ollie on TV:

Here's a fun interview with WFLA NBC Tampa:

Here's CBS Live in Pittsburgh. At the 4:15 mark Ollie gets LOOSE and Goes ROGUE in the Studio. It's Hilarious!!!!

Here's FOX News WTVT Channel 13 Tampa 7/6/23:

Here's News Center Portland Maine NBC

Here's CBS News Channel 10 Tampa on 7/5/23:

Here's The City of Dunedin 7/27/23

Here's ABC News WFTS Channel 11 Tampa on 6/10/23:

Here's an article in The Dunedin Beacon (Scroll down on their site to find Ollie.)

Here's WTRF in Wheeling WV:

We'll have more fun interviews to post soon! Thanks

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