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Want to Donate? Sounds Great!

Ollie and Dad collecting trash
Ollie looking so presidential

Donations are Needed

Want to help? Look in your heart. It’s the best place to start! 

FIRST and most importantly, have your pup make a donation then go to Facebook and join Ollie Nation and post a picture of your pup! 

Click here to donate directly to, or call them! They're the largest No Kill organization in the nation representing over 2400 shelters nationwide:


Or Google “No Kill animal shelters near me”. There are so many shelters that they may not know about Ollie’s trip, but all that matters is that your donation helps animals. 

SECOND, but far less important, to help offset our personal expenses for this trip you can do that by clicking on this GoFundMe link:

Donations to the charities are separate from this GoFundMe. "Ollie's River Adventure Part 2" is all about the animals, not us!

Here's a few featured No Kill Shelters. Please support the great work they do by using their donate links (or call them!):

Belmont County Animal Shelter 45244 National Rd W, St Clairsville Ohio 43950 740-695-4708 serving the Ohio Valley area. GREAT People!

Rags to Riches Animal Rescue Inc 813-695-5473 serving Tampa Florida with many ways to donate. They say: "Covered in Hair, Don't Care." What GREAT people. They deserve our love and support! 

Are My Donations Tax Deductible?

We want to be completely open and transparent in all we do with “Ollie’s River Adventure”. It’s so important to us to make sure every donor knows that 100% of their donations go directly to the charities and therefore are tax deductible (as explained below). This project is about raising awareness and raising money for these charities. Secondarily, and far less important, money raised through our Sponsorships and GoFundMe page are used to offset our personal expenses like vehicles, gas, hotels, etc. For a business, a sponsorship is a business expense, like advertising. However, for an individual a Sponsorship or GoFundMe payment would not be tax deductible, but the help is most definitely appreciated.


If you do a simple Google search such as “Are donations to animal shelters tax deductible?” You’ll find lots of info. For example:

“If you itemize your deductions, you can list and deduct charitable contributions to animal rescues and shelters, including expenses from animal rescue and foster work with a 501(c)(3) group. Hope this helps!

Let's Do Good Together

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