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Ollie's Future Projects

Ollie is a little dog but he has Big Goals!

He’s already working on his future Charity Events.

There are a few possibilities he is exploring including:

Jet Ski From Cincinnati to the Mississippi River 510 Miles

This will complete Ollie’s journey from the start of the Ohio River in Pittsburgh 500 miles to Cincinnati (which is this year’s project) by Jet Skiing from Cincinnati 510 miles to where the Ohio River ends at the Mississippi, near Cairo Illinois. Again raising money for charity and working with Ohio River clean up groups to clear trash from the river banks. Tons of trash that can no longer pollute our waterways and harm wildlife.

Here's Ollie and Dad on the Jet Ski with trash

2024 Florida Beach Clean Ups 

Ollie will do clean ups along the Western coast of Florida. Raising money for charity and working with beach clean up groups clearing tons of trash from popular beaches but also the forgotten, out of the way bays, shores and mangroves of the Sunshine State. Places where crowds don’t go but trash does and harms wildlife. Along the way, raising awareness that although we all love to stay, play and lay on the beach, our beaches are also animal habitats. Especially vital for endangered species of birds and turtle hatching, etc.

3 bags of trash on the Jet Ski

Ollie Says

“This is the only Earth we have. There is No Plan B, and Planet B is 700 TRILLION miles away!” (This is me thinking deep thoughts and looking all philosophical.)

Ollie in a reflective mood
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